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Data Library

Accelerate exploration with off-the-shelf seismic and geoscience products and studies.

Northern Viking Graben

Assess opportunities with a unique 44,000 km² regional broadband data set with new dual-azimuth coverage.

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GeoVerse™ Geological Database

Access all of CGG’s digitally transformed multi-client geological data, derived from an unrivaled library of geological studies and databases developed over the last 50 years.

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Ocean Bottom Node Seismic

Get closer to the reservoir with expert seismic imaging of ocean bottom node (OBN) data.

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Strengthen situational awareness and mitigate offshore pollution risk with critical sea surface slick intelligence.

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Machine Learning Environment

Solve the toughest petrophysical challenges with the machine learning and deep learning capabilities offered by CGG GeoSoftware.

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Rock Physics

Make the connection between reservoir properties and seismic inversion results to enhance your reservoir understanding.

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Reduce risk across exploration, development and production with geothermal services that help characterize the subsurface and monitor operations.

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Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage

Accelerate CCUS with integrated geoscience solutions to screen storage sites and optimize development for safe and effective injection and long-term storage of CO₂.

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Industry Article

Rock Physics Diagnostics: a Prerequisite for Successful Modeling

Jun 15, 2021

This article discusses the importance of performing rock physics diagnostics in the context of rock texture and geological processes that lead to rock formation. This makes it possible to select the right physical rock physics model to perform the modeling and set the parameters intelligently to produce superior results, and at the same time, a good understanding of the uncertainties involved in the outputs.

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