Fundamentals of E&P Data Management


Practicing Data Managers/Information Managers. Geoscientists and Engineers from all related disciplines. Technical managers such as IT specialists. Librarians and Administrators that deal with an organization’s E&P data.


The course consists of 16 modules, each of which examines a different aspect of E&P data management. An introduction to the value of effective data management is followed by familiarization with seismic, well, reservoir and production data domains. An analysis of Data Operations (Data Lifecycle, Cataloguing & Data Standards, Physical Data Handling, Digital Data Management, Data Quality Assurance & Control, Data Transformation, Data Integration and Archive Management) is followed by topics that focus on how these data operations contribute to the execution of effective Business Processes (Business Process Management, Data Governance and Business Continuity). An evaluation of learning outcomes and the capture of a personal action plan finalizes the course.

Learning Objectives

- The importance of E&P data management
- The role of the primary data domains
- The value of E&P data as an asset
- Data transformation processes
- The role of technology
- Operational workflows and procedures essential for managing E&P data
- Data governance requirements and standards
- Business continuity, including recovery from disaster



Number of Participants

6 - 12


Practical working experience of the E&P business sector and understanding of basic data types.

Software Used


Course Format

Classroom delivery with presentations, discussions, practical exercises and activities

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