Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy


Geophysicists, geologists, explorationists and managers who are interested in an introduction or review of the theory and application of contemporary seismic stratigraphic techniques to exploration.


The course covers the following topics:

- Introduction: Philosophy and history
- Geophysical fundamentals
- Breaking out operational sequences
- Introduction to fault interpretation
- Chronostratigraphy construction and interpretation
- Sea level curves, accommodation space, and cycle orders
- Vail sequence theory and sequence hierarchy
- Carbonate sequences
- Siliciclastic sequences
- Seismic facies
- Paleo-environmental analysis
- Geohistory reconstruction
- Optimizing exploration

Learning Objectives

This course is intended to provide geoscientists with an understanding of how the theory of sequence stratigraphy is applied to seismic data with real examples of how it can help with exploration.



Number of Participants

Max 20



Software Used


Course Format

Classroom exercises and presentations

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