Non-Seismic Geophysical Interpretation


Petroleum geologists, geophysicists and engineers involved in oil and gas exploration and development.


Non-Seismic Geophysics: An Introduction
- Rock physical properties
- Gravity vs magnetic studies

Gravity and Magnetic Fields:
- Physical principles
- Gravity field of the earth
- Geomagnetic field
- Basic processing and survey techniques
- Topography and isostasy
- Manual interpretation methods
- Summary of advanced and interpretive gravity and magnetic processing
- Summary of recent developments

Preparation of Survey Specifications:
- Objectives; physical properties; test modelling; land gravity
- Accuracy: instrumental effects, tidal correction, latitude, Free-Air and Bouguer Correction, terrain effects, specifications for accuracy
- Marine surveys: survey and processing
- Aeromagnetic surveys: accuracy, data distribution, processing and interpretation
- Quality control

Introduction to Advanced Non-Seismic Interpretation Techniques:
- Electrical; Induced; Magnetotellurics; Remote sensing methods
- Integration: Workflow and integration

Learning Objectives

This course is intended to provide geoscientists with an understanding of geophysical interpretation unrelated to seismic data and how this data can be used to aid exploration.



Number of Participants

Max 20



Software Used


Course Format

Classroom exercises and presentations

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