Formation Microscanner (FMS) Log Interpretation Workshop


The course is intended for sedimentologists, structural geologists, petrophysicists, engineers and geophysicists who are concerned with the downhole recognition of lithological sequences, structures and reservoir characteristics.


Theoretical considerations of FMS and other micrologs are presented followed by interpretive aspects including the recognition of and methods of determining rock lithologies, lithological sequences, sedimentary structures and palaeocurrent measurement, tectonic structures, borehole damage and artefacts.

- FMS and other borehole micrologs e.g. CYBL, Televiewer, DUALDIP, MSD, principles, operating conditions, output, resolution
- FMS interpretation including recognition of structures
- Methods of determining orientation of dipping features, correction for borehole drift, reorientation of cores
- Recognition of structures in cores - slab/outside surface

Learning Objectives

- Understand tool form and function and learn about the principles of FMS image processing
- Interpret sedimentary and tectonic structures and lithology
- Recognize and assess borehole damage and other operational/processing artefacts
- Use FMS to constrain and correct data from other logs and core



Number of Participants

Max 20



Software Used


Course Format

Classroom exercises and presentations

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