Deepwater Turbidites


Exploration and production geologists and geophysicists, stratigraphers, reservoir engineers and petrophysicists.


- Review of Deepwater Depositional Systems: Controls on deepwater sedimentation, deepwater locations, depositional characteristics, classification of processes, bouma sequences, diapirism and tsunamis, key depositional settings and models; Problems associated with modeling deep water systems, subsurface recognition.
- Extrabasinal controls: Tectonic regimes, eustacy, circulation and currents, climate, hinterland topography.
- Sequence Stratigraphy: Seismic character, models, analysis workflow, facies mapping.
- Petroleum System: Hydrocarbon charge potential: models of source rock development; maturation and migration; trapping mechanisms.
- Implications for production from deepwater reservoirs.
- Geological controls on reservoir quality and architecture: Textural controls on reservoir quality, diagenetic modification of pore, depositional controls on reservoir architecture; Injectites - implications for reservoir geometries; correlation.
- Modern Deepwater Systems: A review of modern deepwater depositional environments.
- Subsurface and Outcrop Analogues and Recognition: A review of selected subsurface examples from around the world. Data sources and type.
- Uncertainties and Exploration Risk: key uncertainties and risks in deepwater exploration; problems with modeling.

Learning Objectives

- Gain an understanding of gravity flow processes and deposits in deepwater systems
- Understand classic depositional models and their relationships to sequence stratigraphic frameworks
- Use of analogues to better understand deepwater systems
- Practical exercises from core to seismic scale



Number of Participants

Max 20



Software Used


Course Format

Classroom exercises and presentations

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