Advanced Basin Analysis and Earth Modeling


Exploration geoscientists who require in-depth understanding to integrated basin analysis in exploration.


The Context:
- Petroleum systems analysis, fundamentals of basin formation and basin classification
- Play fairway analysis: sources, reservoirs, traps and seal distribution
- Paleoclimatic modeling to predict source and reservoir rock distribution, analogues, plate tectonic reconstruction as a means to constrain basin configurations

The Components and Mechanisms
- Source Rock Presence and Potential - classification (organofacies), distribution, analysis, organic richness and potential, organic quality, kinetics, estimating UEP
- Access to charge / source effectiveness, basin geometry, generation and expulsion history, migration styles, timing, fluid flow concepts
- Overpressure and effective stress, compaction, effect of pressure on migration, faults, fetch and focus, lag time, structural restoration, fetch area and volume, fill and spill vs leak
- Seal effectiveness/column capacity - presence, distribution, trap style, types of seals, effect on migration style
- Reservoir deliverability/effectiveness - porosity and permeability, thickness, fluid viscosity, effect of burial history, development and production
- Basin Modeling – Concepts, 1-D modeling, map-based modeling, geological input. Maturity, thermal stress and UEP maps. Migration, fetch and focus, sensitivity analysis, 2D modeling workflow

Learning Objectives

- Define petroleum systems
- Deconstruct the basin history and create representative models (structural, sedimentological, paleogeographical, geochemical) for key stages of the basin evolution
- Establish geohistories for selected example basins (including thermal histories)
- Evaluate hydrocarbon generation potential and migration models
- Construct and evaluate petroleum systems events charts for selected basins
- Characterise the potential reservoirs, sources and seals
- Quantify petroleum system risk (deterministically and stochastically)



Number of Participants

Max 20



Software Used


Course Format

Classroom exercises and presentations

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