JW-120 Rock Physics for Seismic Interpretation


This course is geared towards geoscientists who wish to understand the rock physics behind reservoir characterization, reservoir delineation, hydrocarbon detection and reservoir development. It is suitable for geophysicists, geologists and petrophysicists.


This two-day course is based on a series of lectures supported by basic exercises using Jason's Workbench running on Windows. The course is designed to provide a basic understanding of the relationships between elastic and reservoir properties of rocks, and demonstrate how rock physics is used to interpret and analyze seismic data.

The course will cover the following topics:
- Seismic wave propagation.
- Elastic properties of rocks.
- Empirical rock physics relationships.
- Numerical rock physics models.
- Fluid models.
- Problems of scale.
- Applying rock physics to well data.
- Rock physics-based interpretation of seismic.
- Seismic anisotropy.
- Seismic attenuation.

Learning Objectives

- Effective and efficient use of the software.
- Ability to manage and QC projects.
- Understanding of methods for improved reservoir characterization.



Number of Participants



Software Used

Jason Workbench

Course Format

Instructor-led - Discussion

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