PL-200 PowerLog® Advanced Training


This course is intended for experienced PowerLog users who want to apply PowerLog’s more sophisticated tools to complex interpretation projects.


This two-day course focuses on the advanced tools in PowerLog for petrophysical editing, computation, and interpretation. Techniques involving multiwell computations are emphasized. You’ll gain hands-on experience through a series of guided exercises, then apply what you have learned in an independent workshop.

Specific topics include:
- Splicing, baseline shifting, and patching curves.
- Applying environmental corrections.
- Normalizing curves.
- Interactive parameter picking.
- Pore pressure prediction.
- Write and run your own user programs.
- Generate synthetic curves.
- Calculate clay volumes.
- Perform multimineral analysis.

Learning Objectives

Know when and how to use the more sophisticated tools offered by PowerLog, and gain confidence and flexibility to handle complex interpretation projects.



Number of Participants


PowerLog: PL-100 Basic Training, or experience using PowerLog

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