PL-100 PowerLog® Basic Training


This course is intended for new PowerLog users.


PowerLog offers robust tools for every phase of well log analysis from data loading and initial evaluation to interactive editing, data conditioning, and petrophysical interpretation. This three-day course introduces you to PowerLog’s extensive capabilities and easy-to-use interface.

Topics Include:
- Creating wells, projects and databases.
- Loading log data.
- Creating tops and zones.
- Using the viewers to QC and analyze data (Logplot, Crossplot, Histogram, Tabular Listing, Basemap).
- Interactive depth shifting and log editing.
- Performing basic log calculations, generating TVD curves, computing crossplot porosities, etc..
- Calculating water saturation and clay volume using QuickLook.
- Generating net pay summary reports.
- Creating a collage to present your findings.

Learning Objectives

The ability to take full advantage of what PowerLog offers, use the software more efficiently, and thus perform your log analysis more quickly with confidence in the results.



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