JW-310 Advanced Tools for Deterministic Inversion


This training course is intended for people who already have gained experience with Jason’s deterministic inversion projects and need to work on more complex projects.


The advanced course for deterministic inversion captures different techniques that can be added to and used as part of the standard CSSI workflow. The proposed methods are recommended in cases where the results of the conventional approach are not satisfactory. Course modules include:

AVO—provides instruction on classification of AVO responses based on the lithology and type of substituting fluid Multi-Attribute Well Interpolator—provides instruction on how to apply attribute-guided well log interpolation in Jason LFM Trend Update—provides instruction on the role the low-frequency model plays in deterministic inversion 4D Inversion—consists of lectures on workflow for performing 4D deterministic inversion Wavelet Variations—measure the effect of Q attenuation and to compensate for it during deterministic inversion Spectral Decomposition—provides instruction on the basics of spectral decomposition and how to perform in Jason

Learning Objectives

Knowledge of how to use some of the more advanced techniques with the Jason software
More flexibility in solving problems in deterministic inversion projects



Number of Participants


Introduction to Simultaneous Inversion (JW-201) Knowledge of modeling (with EarthModel® FT) Working experience with Jason and performing deterministic inversion projects

Software Used

Jason® Workbench

Course Format


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