JW-201 Deterministic Pre-Stack Inversion with RockTrace


This training course is intended for people who have experience with acoustic impedance inversion projects and need to learn more about simultaneous inversion.


Seismic data responds to both the acoustic impedance and the shear impedance contrasts in the subsurface. This additional information within the seismic data can be exploited using the variation in seismic reflection amplitude with angle or offset.

Jason’s Simultaneous Inversion overcomes most of the disadvantages of standard AVO analysis and integrates the best of inversion while exploiting the full information within the seismic data. RockTrace® is the module of the Jason™ suite that performs simultaneous inversion.

RockTrace builds on Jason’s InverTrace® Plus full stack inversion technology by extending it to the AVO domain. The result is three volumes of absolute rock properties tightly calibrated to the well log data: P-impedance, S-impedance and Density.

Learning Objectives

Acquire the ability to perform Simultaneous Inversion projects with basic settings and QC analysis. Through practice and experience, you will be able to understand and take full advantage of RockTrace functionalities and capabilities.



Number of Participants


Introduction to Acoustic Impedance Inversion (JW-101)

Software Used

Jason Workbench and RockTrace®

Course Format


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