Clastic Exploration and Reservoir Sedimentology


The course is aimed at exploration geologists and geophysicists involved in clasticexploration studies.


This course has been developed to provide an understanding of the geometry and hydrocarbon potential of clastic depositional systems and facies, and how they are affected by such important features as basin configuration, tectonics and eustasy.

- Clastic facies analysis and depositional environments: ancient and modern, desert, fluvial, deltaic, estuarine, marine shoreline, shallow marine shelf and deep marine environments; geometry of clastic reservoirs; depositional modeling and mapping. Integration of the models with tectonics and seismic sequence stratigraphy.
- Log response in clastic sequences: Core logging; lithology determination from wireline logs; core to wireline log correlation; palaeoenvironmental mapping.
- Clastic petrography and diagenesis: Detrital mineralogy and texture; diagenetic petrography - recognition and quantification, cement types, porosity destruction and enhancement; diagenetic/porosity modeling and mapping.
- Exploration sedimentology in play fairway mapping and basin analysis: Methods of basin-wide correlation and layering and the production of isochore, N:G, porosity and permeability maps.
- Volumetric assessment in clastic reservoirs

Learning Objectives

- Interpret clastic depositional environments using data from core images, cutting images and wireline logs
- Apply new sequence stratigraphic concepts to clastic reservoirs
- Correlate wells using knowledge of depositional environment
- Predict reservoir size, shape, trend and quality



Number of Participants

Max 20



Software Used


Course Format

Classroom exercises and presentations

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