Biostratigraphy: Application in Exploration, Development and Production


Explorationists involved in the assimilation and use of biostratigraphic data during sequence stratigraphic studies, basin analysis and drilling, and development geologists investigating correlation of reservoir units.


- Introduction: Sampling techniques/programs; types of microfossils to use; analytical techniques; integration with other disciplines
- High-resolution biostratigraphy: What it is; areas of application; identification of chronostratigraphic events; environmental reconstruction; problems and data presentation
- Horizontal wells: Biosteering Theory; development of method; creation of high resolution zonation schemes; wellsite operations, problems and case histories
- Correlation, depositional sequences and sequence stratigraphy: Correlation and interpretation problems; precision and flexibility; grouping rocks with depositional sequences; identification of sequence boundaries and integration with chronostratigraphic control; integration of environmental data and interpretation of depositional patterns of sequences and systems tracts; integration with wireline log data

Learning Objectives

- Become familiar with the range of biostratigraphic analysis available
- Understand the application of high resolution biostratigraphic data and techniques
- Apply techniques to determine age of lithostratigraphic, log and seismic units
- Interpret palaeoenvironments and recognize post-depositional alteration



Number of Participants

Max 20


Software Used


Course Format

Classroom with presentations and exercises

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