Subduction and Deformation on Anglesey, North Wales, UK

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The Precambrian subduction of Laurentia beneath Gondwana and closure of the Iapetus Ocean has resulted in exposures of an ophiolitic melange, blueschists and volcanics. The outstanding exposures of Precambrian and Palaeozoic successions on Holyhead Island, Western Anglesey, display spectacular examples of polydeformed metamorphosed turbiditic sequences with large antiforms and associated minor structures (e.g. minor fold asymmetry and crenulation cleavage). This trip offers an opportunity to study an ancient subduction zone and to unravel the complex deformation history experienced by the sediments deposited in a forearc basin.

This field trip can also be combined with our "Tropical Carbonates of Anglesey, North Wales" field trip, and can be delivered in conjunction with our Structural Geology course or our Exploration Workshop.



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