Tropical Carbonates of Anglesey, North Wales, UK

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The carbonate geology of the Isle of Anglesey in North West Wales is both beautiful and instructive. The Lower Carboniferous Dinantian carbonates of the Clwyd Group provide an excellent opportunity to study the role of eustatic sea level in carbonate deposition. They comprise a well-exposed succession of tropical cyclothems, illustrating cycles of depositional environments from shoals to open marine shelf, with periods of emergence marked by palaeokarstic surfaces and local dolomitisation. The cycles reflect climate variations and the advance and retreat of polar ice during the Carboniferous. The carbonates of Anglesey also host an abundance of marine fossils and some interesting structural features. This trip can also be combined with our “Subduction and Deformation on Anglesey, North Wales” field trip for a complete structural and sedimentological picture of the area.

This field trip can also be delivered in conjunction with our courses on Carbonate Reservoir Geology, Integrated Sequence Stratigraphy or our Exploration Workshop.



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