Marine Clays and Fluvio-Deltaic Sands in Yorkshire, North-East England, UK

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The Jurassic outcrops of North Yorkshire illustrate the roles of fluctuating eustatic sea level and regional tectonics on clastic Mesozoic stratigraphy. They include both reservoir and source rocks and are in part age and facies equivalent to the Jurassic reservoir and source rock geology of the North Sea Basin, exhibiting outcrops of the widely studied Kimmeridge and Oxford Clays, the Lias Group and the Toarcian Mudstones around the Scarborough and Whitby areas. Unique coastal outcrops that clearly demonstrate the reservoir sand body geometries and connectivities of fluvio-deltaic reservoirs are a highlight of this course, as is the Whitby Mudstone Formation, which contains some of the most spectacular fossil fauna in the UK.

This field trip can also be delivered in conjunction with our courses on Clastic Reservoir Geology or Fluvial-deltaic Depositional Systems.



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