Integrated Clastic Reservoir Description in North East England, UK

Course Description:

This excursion is designed to sample a range of clastic depositional environments, including shallow marine, fluvio-deltaic and aeolian, from a range of localities including classic Permian, Carboniferous and Jurassic sequences. These deposits showcase a wide range of depositional processes, ranging from unidirectional and bidirectional to oscillatory and combined flow bedforms, water-borne and windblown. The overall aims of the excursion are to observe, describe and interpret the depositional processes and environments, create appropriate depositional and sequence stratigraphic models, consider the implications for reservoir quality and sand body architecture and visualise the likely expression of these sequences in wireline logs and seismic. All of the sequences visited provide analogues to equivalent strata in the Southern North Sea hydrocarbon province.

This field trip can also be delivered in conjunction with our courses on Clastic Reservoir Geology, Fluvial-deltaic Depositional Systems and Integrated Sequence Stratigraphy.


5-10 days

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Field excursion



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