Braided Rivers and Shallow-Marine Carbonates and Evaporites in Northern England, UK

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West Cumbria in northern England, comprising a series of Permo-Triassic sandstones and limestones and parts of the Zechstein evaporite series, exhibits some of the best karstic and mineralisation features in the UK. Localities visited illustrate the evolution of classic sandy braided river sequences and the association of carbonates and evaporites as reservoir and seal units. This trip also provides the opportunity to view the Pennine fault system, which formed during the Hercynian Orogeny and represents a major control on the structure of northern England; Ordovician volcanics of the Borrowdale Group, thought to represent the remains of a volcanic island arc; and the last working deep iron ore mine in Western Europe.

This field trip can also be delivered in conjunction with our Carbonate Reservoir Geology course.



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