Shale Gas Source Rocks in Derbyshire, Northern England, UK

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In the Lower Carboniferous, rifting in the area of Central/Northern England produced a number of sub-basins that were subsequently filled by giant delta systems prograding from the north. A transgression in the middle Carboniferous resulted in the deposition of the Bowland Shale, now a prolific shale gas source rock, across Northern England. This trip to the picturesque Peak National Park is an unusual opportunity to view the shale in its stratigraphic and depositional context. We traverse the entirety of the Dinantian/Namurian succession, from the initial algal-reef carbonates through the Bowland Shales into turbidites, delta-slope facies, and finally marginal marine interdistributary channels.

This field trip can also be delivered in conjunction with our courses on Unconventionals, Shale Gas, Clastic Reservoir Geology, Carbonate Reservoir Geology or Fluvial-Deltaic Reservoirs.



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