Pre-Stack Time Migration Workflow


The course is designed for anyone wanting the practical skills to carry out a pre-stack time migration including generating the migration velocity model.


This course begins with the fundamental question, why do we migrate?

The basic concepts, types of velocities and the effect of dips are discussed. It then moves to discuss seismic anisotropy. Once these concepts are covered the geovation module used to carry out a ray based 3D Kirchhoff pre-stack time migration is described together with the workflow and key parameterization. The course looks at the migration velocity field modelling. Non-linear slope tomography and the concept of kinematic invariants providing the tool for velocity model building are explained. A Kirchhoff pre-stack time migration workflow is carried out including the generation of the velocity model. Throughout the workflow emphasis is placed on parameter verification and QC.

The main topics covered during the course include

• The basic concepts
• Seismic anisotropy
• 3D Kirchhoff pre-stack migration and the workflow
• Non-linear slope tomography
• The workflow – data preparation and velocity model generation
• Parameter testing and QC

Learning Objectives

• Understand ray based Kirchhoff migration
• Be able to run a simple processing sequence with pre-stack time migration
• Know the key parameters and tests
• Understand the theory behind non-linear slope tomography
• Be able to build a velocity model using tomography
• Be able to quality control the outputs


2 days

Number of Participants



Participants should have a geophysical background and a basic proficiency in seismic data processing

Software Used


Course Format

Presentations, exercise, classroom

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