Development Geology


Petroleum engineers and geologists involved with exploration and development of oil and gas reservoirs.


- Planning, gathering and management of geological data.
- Geological concepts, global tectonics.
- Geophysical methods, production seismic.
- Sequence stratigraphy, log correlation.
- Environments of deposition (clastic, carbonates).
- Mapping of reservoir parameters and structure.
- Structural styles, trapping conditions.
- Reservoir fluids, initial conditions.
- Reservoir architecture, geological modeling.
- Oil and gas volumetric calculations.
- Subsurface uncertainty and risk analysis.
- Case histories.
- Vertical and horizontal well applications, operational geology
- Field excursion (optional): illustration of clastic and carbonate sedimentary environments and structural geology in 3-D.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course participants will be able to apply geological concepts, construct maps and sections and validate computer-generated interpretations. They will be able to calculate subsurface volumes and assess their uncertainties, and review their impact on project economics. They will acquire practical experience by working on an actual field study in teams.


Number of Participants


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