Petroleum Systems Modeling


Petroleum geologists, geochemists and exploration geologists involved in the petroleum systems evaluation of frontier basins, play-fairway analysis and prospect risks.


- Introduction: Key aspects of petroleum systems modeling and sedimentary basin analysis, petroleum system elements evaluation, benefits of 1D vs. 2D vs. 3D modeling
- Source Rocks: Depositional environments, kerogen types; geochemical parameters - TOC, Rock Eval, Pyrolysis GC; kinetic models, timing of hydrocarbon generation; petroleum properties
- Heat Sources & Heat Flow: Crustal heat flow and temperature-time histories, radiogenic heat production, heat transfer, effect of different heat flows on maturity evolution
- Calibration Parameter: Temperature data, paleo temperature data, maturity data and other calibration data
- Fluid Flow: Petroleum generation and expulsion; primary, secondary and tertiary migration; migration methods in basin modeling; migration losses; material parameters and pressure prediction
- Overview on the Workflow in 1D Modeling*: Input data and boundary conditions, burial history, temperature and maturity modeling
- 2D & 3D Migration Modeling: Case studies on real petroleum system models: facies distribution,source rock and seal distribution; hydrocarbon generation, migration, accumulation and preservation; simulation and sensitivity analysis

* Participants will learn how to build and calibrate 1D models.

Learning Objectives

- This course provides you with expert skills on the principles of basin and petroleum system analysis and applied modelling techniques in 1D, 2D and 3D to support exploration in present and future frontiers and to reduce uncertainties in evaluating frontier basins, play-fairway analysis and prospect risks
- The course covers the fundamentals of source rock geochemistry, heat sources, input parameters and calibration data used for thermal modeling, as well as the most important principles of petroleum migration modelling



Number of Participants

Max 20


Software Used

Course Format

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