Play Fairways Analysis & Prospect Evaluation Workshop


Geologists and geophysicists with a background in exploration and field appraisal who wish to extend their knowledge by undertaking a fully integrated, multi-disciplinary analysis of a hydrocarbon-bearing basin.


- Exploration Geology: Sedimentology and structural geology of source rocks, reservoirs, seals and traps
- Play Fairway Analysis: Overview of the petroleum systems and play fairways analysis method
- Hydrocarbon Charge: Source-rock evaluation methods, the hydrocarbon generation process and expulsion and migration mechanisms
- Seals & Fault Seals: Fundamentals of seals, including an assessment of waste zones vs caprocks and methods for evaluating the integrity of fault seals
- Traps and Reservoirs: Classification of structural and stratigraphic trapping styles
- Timing: Consideration of petroleum systems event timing and the importance of decompaction and structural restoration with respect to hydrocarbon generation
- Geophysical Risks: Evaluation of geophysical risks covering potential errors relating to closure relief, seismic data density, time-depth conversions, misties and faults
- Prospect Generation and Evaluation: Method of prospect appraisal with detailed treatment of volumetrics and risking, including a detailed demonstration of the Monte Carlo method for reserves estimation
- Economics: Review of economic approaches in the context of prospect risk, outline of the economic planning process

Learning Objectives

The aim of the course is to provide the exploration geology and play fairway context for prospect evaluation, and then concentrate on the geological understanding of the specific risks associated with hydrocarbon charge, seals, traps, reservoirs and timing, with special attention paid to the risks associated with geophysical evaluation.



Number of Participants

Max 20



Software Used


Course Format

Classroom exercises and presentations

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