Shale Gas and Shale Oil Exploration


Geologists, explorationists and reservoir engineers who want to improve their knowledge of shale gas and shale oil exploration.


- What is shale gas and shale oil?
- Shale gas generation process and environment, Shale gas and oil systems and classifications, Source rock characterization, application of geochemistry in shale gas assessment
- Evaluation of reservoir potential
- How to classify evaluation of shale oil and shale gas resources and reserves based on the SPE-PRM
- Classification of how to determine petrophysical parameters including: porosity, water saturation, FVF, brittleness, kerogen volume fraction, bulk volume hydrocarbon and sweet spot
- Estimated Ultimate Recovery (EUR)
- Reserves, Contingent Resources and Prospective Resources evaluation
- Classification based on SPE- PRMS, P/C/U, Categorization based on SPE-PRMS
- Global scenario of shale gas and oil exploration and real case studies

Learning Objectives

This course is intended to provide an understanding of shale gas and shale oil exploration, from introducing what it is, to real case studies globally.



Number of Participants

Max 20



Software Used


Course Format

Classroom exercises and presentations

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