New Venture Team Training


This course is designed for subsurface G&G staff and reservoir development & engineering staff.


Dataset 1 Exercise:
The teams will work through Dataset 1

- Data characteristics: this dataset is messy and light on data but makes the participants focus quickly on the key issues
- Tasks: assess what is there and make a judgement based on the data provided; participants will need to be creative
- The focus will be kept on the following limited principles:
+ You haven't got much data so what are you going to do?
+ What assessment do you make?
+ What risks are associated with your judgement?
+ What recommendations will you make: reject, shoot more seismic or drill a well and why have you decided this?

Dataset 2 Exercise:
Provide the teams with a more complex dataset (more data, but not all of it positive), each team is provided with the same dataset to evaluate.

- Key questions are similar to Dataset 1
- Present a final overview to management to consolidate knowledge gained and demonstrate learning outcomes

Learning Objectives

This course is intended to simulate a data room and teach geoscientists how to quickly evaluate data to make rapid conclusions.


3 - 5-day

Number of Participants

Max 20



Software Used


Course Format

Workshop and presentations

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