Rift Basin Geology, Kenya

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This Nairobi-based course is a combination of field trips, class-based workshops and lectures. The East African rift is an ideal setting to explore the controls on deposition of source and reservoir facies in a rift-basin setting. Despite the relatively arid climate, this region displays a range of basin hydrologies, with depositional environments ranging from freshwater to hypersaline. The field trip will investigate how controls on source facies type and relationships between structure and reservoir deposition vary in different hydrological settings. We will also examine microbialite carbonate-silicate reservoir deposition at hot and cold spring sites. These sites are excellent analogues for the new Pre-Salt plays which are emerging in the South Atlantic. The class-based workshops and lectures will cover equivalent relationships in volcanic-poor rift basins, such as Malawi and Tanganyika.

This field trip can also be delivered in conjunction with our courses on Rift Basins or Basin Analysis.



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