Land Seismic Surveyor Induction


Surveying technicians and new hires assigned to field land crews.


This course starts with a HSE induction, and the principles of seismic acquisition.

A field assignment of 3 weeks is then undertaken by the participants where they visit an operational seismic crew. Field methods such as the role and duties of the surveyor on a seismic crew are investigated.

This is followed by a theoretical training covering the following subjects:
• Seismic geometry
• Geodesy
• Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS)

The surveying equipment is presented and practical training is undertaken for seismic lines stake out. Survey data processing including Quality controls with the appropriate software is explored.

The practical applications are demonstrated using GNSS equipment during field sessions,
which assists the students in becoming more familiar with the equipment and processes used as part of their jobs.

This course finishes with data management, and an introduction to mapping and geoprocessing.

(Note: the conventional surveying method is not studied in this course).

Learning Objectives

• Understand the seismic operations and positioning field methods in use, and acquire the theoretical background.
• Acquire sufficient knowledge of the GNSS Surveying equipment and processing software to be efficient upon arrival on the seismic crew.


50 days

Number of Participants



University degree in Surveying.

Software Used

ArcGis, GP Seismic

Course Format

Presentations, demo, exercises, site visit, case study, classroom study, field practice

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