HSE-OMS for Land Managers


Land Managers, Party Managers, Deputy Party Managers, and Office Operation Managers


Understand the benefits of the HSE Operating Management System (HSE OMS) and what it delivers in practice. Learn how it helps you in your day-to-day management of your activities.

• HSE-OMS presentations
- Introduction to HSE, HSE definitions, HSE-OMS History
• HSE-OMS elements:
- Commitment and Accountability
- Policies, Standards and Objectives
- Organization, Resources and Capability
- Stakeholders, Clients and Customers
- HSE Risk Assessment and Control
- Asset Design and Integrity
- Plan and Procedures
- Execution of Activities
- Reporting, Monitoring and Learning
- Assurance, Review and Improvement
• Fundamentals
- Leadership, Risk Management, Continuous improvement, Implementation
• Suppliers and Subcontractors HSE management in details
-Suppliers and Subcontractors Management, Selection and follow up, Prevailing Influence
• Risk Assessment and Control in details:
-Definitions, Hazard Identification, Risk Evaluation, Controls (Bowtie Diagram/Swiss Cheese diagram, Hierarchy of controls, Permit to work, Lock Out/Tag Out, Manual Of Permitted Operation), Residual Risk Evaluation, ALARP
- Call for tender Risk assessment exercise
- Project Risk Assessment Exercise
- Job Safety Analysis: Description
- Situation Awareness: On the Spot Risk Assessment: Raising Field Awareness
• Asset Management in details: Selection, maintenance, disposal
• Transportation management: Transportation strategy, Land transport (Risk, controls)
• Plans and Procedures in details: Definitions, Plans, Exercise (Plan a change in the operations)
• Monitoring, Reporting and Learning in details:
-Monitoring definitions, Reporting, Incident Investigation (Root causes with 5 Why's method), corrective actions, implementation
• Assurance, review and Implementation in details:
-Auditing, Management review, Implementation (Plan Do Check Act)
• Health Management: Health Risk, controls
• Environment and Social Responsibility Management:
-Environment Impact Assessment, Environment Risk assessment, Social responsibility
• Security Management:
-Security definitions, intelligence, attractiveness, vulnerability, vessel hardening

Learning Objectives

• Understand the benefits of the HSE OMS and what it delivers in practice
• Learn how it helps you in your day-to-day management of your activities
• Understand the importance of planning and assessing a risk
• Actively aware of the need for control of the administrative process and standards associated with the industry in each country of activity
• Recognize the HSE responsibilities within all areas of each product or business line
• Identify the HSE priorities, to work on the control measure of the major risks identified


4 days

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