Field and Marine Manager Induction


New employees assigned to a party manager or deputy vessel manager position.


Trainees spend an initial week studying the fundamentals of exploration and production, including:

• Petroleum industry overview
• Basic geological and geophysical principles
• HSE standards and common practices
• Basic seismic acquisition principles
• Operations on a seismic crew

They are then assigned to an acquisition crew for three weeks to gain practical experience and knowledge pertaining to acquisition operations and challenges.

The basic seismic data processing concepts and sequence applied to the seismic data are covered in the following five weeks. This allows the students to practice and apply the different steps of the processing flow on real data in order to obtain a full sense of the seismic process.

The remainder of the course focuses on preparing the participants for their first assignment in the Quality Control department.

Learning Objectives

• Describe seismic acquisition principles and operation techniques
• Use the processing software to process as well as analyze the results
• Describe the results of different processing sequences
• Demonstrate initiative, presentation skills and understanding of basic processing techniques


65 days

Number of Participants



University degree in mathematics or physics

Software Used


Course Format

Workshop, classroom, E-learning, site visit, case studies, exercises

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