4D Processing Workflow


The course is designed for geophysicists with 3D processing knowledge embarking on 4D processing


The course begins with a general introduction on what 4D is, its value and the repeatability concept.

4D, what it brings and its signature are expounded on. Its value in understanding the reservoir, the structure, fluid and pressure changes is reviewed. Repeatability challenges, 4D noise and the requirement for qualitative and quantitative metrics are appreciated. The processing workflow is presented with the driving goal of accurately maximizing the 4D signature due to production effects and minimizing all other effects, including acquisition differences and seismic noise. Beginning with sail-line processing the key 4D processes are explained in terms of goals, application and quality control (QC). The strategy of global matching, its implementation and QC is seen. The important binning and regularization processing steps are considered. Finally 4D destriping is introduced, when and how to apply, the modules used, scalars plus quality control. The main topics covered are:

• What is 4D? What is its value?
• Concepts of repeatability
• 4D acquisition
• Philosophy and overview of 4D processing
• 4D quality control (QC)
• Starting a 4D: What we need to know
• Sail-line processing
• Global matching
• Binning and regularization
• Destriping

Learning Objectives

• Understand what 4D is, the concepts and the specific vocabulary of 4D
• Be able to describe the philosophy behind 4D processing
• Capable of naming the main steps of the 4D processing flow
• Know how to apply the main 4D processing steps to a dataset
• Understand how to assess the impact of a process on the 4D signature
• Know how to QC data efficiently


2 days

Number of Participants



Software Used


Course Format

Classroom, presentations, exercises,

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