3D Marine Processing


Those with little previous experience in seismic data processing, or experienced land processing geophysicists who are moving to marine processing.


This program uses the geovation software processing package to process a 3D marine seismic dataset through a basic time processing sequence. It includes parameter testing in order to develop the processing sequence.

It begins with the reformatting and review of the raw seismic and data merge with navigation data. Participants work through identifying different noise types and addressing them appropriately. Velocities and mutes are derived using suitable applications. Participants learn to manipulate the data between domains and come to understand the domain appropriate for each process. Regularization and multiple removal is carried out and a Kirchhoff prestack migration performed.

The main topics covered are:

• Overview of the seismic and navigation data
• A production sequence and the use of interactive tools
• Data reformatting, navigation merge, applying the geometry and quality control (QC)
• Zero-phasing
• Linear Noise removal, parameter testing and QC
• Swell Noise removal, parameter testing and QC
• Addressing the multiples
• Velocity picking
• Offset and angle mutes
• Offset class splitting
• Regularization, what is it and how to carry it out
• Migration
• Full and angle stacks

Learning Objectives

• Complete a basic 3D marine sequence from reformatting to migration
• Be aware of the method to design and implement a testing plan
• Understand the different processing domains
• Be confident using the interactive tools
• Understand the steps of managing a processing workflow, job building, submitting, Quality Control and data management


10 days

Number of Participants



Understanding seismic processing fundamentals and elementary experience with the processing package

Software Used


Course Format

Classroom, presentations, exercises

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