5D Regularization Workflow


The course is designed for geophysicists with some processing knowledge who want to incorporate multi-dimensional regularization into their seismic processing flow.


This course begins with a review of why data regularization is needed, the expectations of many processing algorithms relative to the real spatial distribution found in recorded datasets and the impact this can have on processing results. Next regularization is presented, its objectives and the approaches for both narrow azimuth and wide azimuth acquired datasets while highlighting the need for 5D dimensions. The Fourier transform and the use of Anti-leakage to minimize spectral leakage whilst allowing energy interpolation beyond aliasing is presented. The workflow, how to implement, the modules, key parameters and quality controls concludes the course.

The main topics covered are:

• The need for regularization – what is the problem
• Regularization, the objectives, approaches and the need for 5D
• Regularization and interpolation - General considerations and pre-requisites
• The 5D interpolation algorithm
• Regularization and mapping
• Anti-leakage Fourier transform and beyond the spatial aliasing
• The workflow, modules, testing and quality control

Learning Objectives

• Understand the need for data regularization
• Be able to describe the need for 5 dimensions
• Know what is meant by mapping and full 5D regularization and the difference between them
• Understand the use of anti-leakage Fourier transform
• Know the Geovation modules and interactive applications used in the workflow
• Be able to set a workflow to perform 5D regularization


1 day

Number of Participants



Participants should have a geophysical background and be equipped with a basic proficiency in using the software and interactive applications

Software Used


Course Format

Classroom, presentations, exercises

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