HR-320 Pro4D (Time-Lapse Seismic Analysis) Workshop


Geophysicists, geologists, engineers and technical staff who want to understand the theoryand learn how to apply these increasingly critical techniques.


This course covers the theory and practical use of Pro4D, an interactive program that is fully linked within HampsonRussell software and performs time-lapse, or 4D, modeling and analysis.Topics include:

- Time-Lapse Modeling: Log editing and synthetics, Biot-Gassmann fluid replacement modeling, Zoeppritz and elastic techniques, systematic methods and the wedge model.
- Seismic Comparison, Calibration and Interpretation: Survey regridding, volume comparison using correlation, difference and cross-plotting, seismic calibration with time and phase shift, application of gain, shaping filters and simultaneous phase and time matching, cross-normalization, volumetrics and interpretation.

Learning Objectives

- This course covers the theory behind 4D analysis: modeling reservoir changes and comparing seismic volumes
- Rock and fluid properties are discussed in detail. Practical application to modeling log data for a range of time-lapse scenarios, such as saturation or pressure changes.
- Review of seismic processing methods used to match post-stack 3D seismic cubes
- Volumetric analysis and matching mapped 4D response with known production information
- 50% of the course comprises practical exercises using the PRO4D software



Number of Participants



Experience with HampsonRussell Software is NOT a prerequisite for this workshop, although students will become familiar with the functionality through attendance

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Course Format


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