Geophysics for Non-Geophysicists


Anyone wanting a basic overall understanding of the complete Oil and Gas exploration cycle. It will introduce participants, from any discipline, to the key geophysical concepts applied in today’s oil and gas exploration industry.


In this course, you are introduced to the oil exploration cycle, the formation of oil and gas,and the basic principles of geophysics.

The main topics covered are:

• Hydrocarbons, their deposition and reservoir properties
• Outline of the basic geophysical theory used in order to develop a model of the subsurface
• Review the seismic cycle
• The seismic acquisition phase in both land and marine environments
• Example of a land acquisition operation, the principles and constraints
• Example of marine acquisition operations, considerations for both streamer and OBN methods
• The challenges presented by the diverse acquisition environments
• What is recorded? Different events are highlighted on marine and land shots
• What equipment is required for emission and recording
• Geometry, positioning and single versus multifold
• Processing principles and workflows
• Pre-stack seismic analysis, static corrections, velocity analysis, noise, multiple attenuation techniques, migration and imaging
• Reservoir characterization, attributes and inversion
• The role and value of non-seismic methods, gravity and magnetics and their integration
with seismic data

Learning Objectives

• Understand the Oil and Gas exploration cycle
• Know the conditions for hydrocarbon generation, migration and accumulation
• Have a clear understanding of the varying waves propagating through the earth
• Be aware of the various acquisition types and how a project is managed
• Be able to list various environmental issues
• Identify the recorded events on real data examples
• Gain an understanding of a processing sequence
• Understand that seismic data is used in seismic reservoir characterization
• Know the value of non-seismic methods


2 days

Number of Participants




Software Used


Course Format

Classroom presentations and videos

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