Advanced Survey Planning


Field geophysicists with at least one year familiarity with survey planning and mapping tools.


The course starts with an open discussion around survey design planning with a subject expert.
The more recent features of the Geoland software are overviewed.

The participants then undertake exercises paying specific attention to the more advanced survey planning considerations. These include

• Zippers
• 3D parameters
• Shooting strategy
• QC methods
• Utilities for linking survey planning
• Mapping

Comprehensive lessons on mapping utilizing the ArcGIS software follow. This includes an overview of geodesy, symbology and the latest tools available in the software. An overview of how to use the geoprocessing tools is included.

These skills are practically reinforced by undertaking a group exercise in which all the elements taught during the class are practiced and utilized in a case study.

Finally participants share experiences and difficulties and the learning gained through these.

Learning Objectives

• Know how to use software tools in a variety of scenarios
• Be operational with survey planning tools for crew start up and operations
• Able to create advanced maps for specific types of survey operations


10 days

Number of Participants



“Basic Field Processing” or “Basic Survey Planning” along with at least 1 year’s field practice.

Software Used

Geoland, ArcGis

Course Format

Software practice, classroom

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