Advanced Field Processing


Field processing geophysicists with at least 1 year of experience.


The course consists firstly of an introduction to the processing tools and methods used in various type of field setting.

After a review of the software, an overview of basic data formats, data procedures and processing theory, the focus moves to examples of specific processing steps. These include

• Static corrections
• Velocity picking
• Post-Stack processing
• Practical exercises

This is followed by an introduction of multi-component processing by an experienced processing geophysicists. The workflow is demonstrated followed by practical exercises using the Geovation software.

A subject expert demonstrate the Interactive standalone QC software used in the field. Participants are given the opportunity to gain advanced assistance for specific problems that can or have been experienced in the field.

QC attributes are discussed together with how best to use and how to identify errors. The participants see how to program via free coding for any specific tasks that may arise in the field environment.

Learning Objectives

• Understand a processing sequence up to the final migration
• Fine tune the parameters set on each processing module
• Gain confidence discussing with the client
• Understand the main steps involved with multi-component data processing


10 days

Number of Participants



It is recommended that the applicants have already taken - Field Geophysicist Induction

Software Used


Course Format

Classroom, exercises, demo, presentations, workshop

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