Geodesy Overview


Anyone who wants a better understanding of geodetic parameters and coordinate systems.


To begin this course, the shape of the earth is examined, and the history of why surveying is an important part of any type of exploration. Specific details on the following basic survey concepts will be provided:

• Ellipsoid
• Datum's
• Datum shifts
• International reference system

Participants then study projection and plane coordinates, and then put this theory into practice during a case study to observe first-hand the importance of having well defined geodetic parameters.

A review of vertical reference systems including ellipsoid height, mean sea level (MSL) and geoid will also be included, and the different ways that all this information is integrated into a standard seismic survey.
A discussion about EPSG geodetic reference database completes this course.

Learning Objectives

• Understand and use geodetic information
• Know about datum’s and different types of projections
• Understand the vertical reference system
• Know the impact of geodesy on a project as a whole


0.5 day

Number of Participants




Software Used


Course Format

Classroom and presentations

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