IT/Network for Field Geophysicists


This course is for all field geophysicists who want to improve their technical skills.


This course begins with learning the basics and advanced functions of Linux and Windows.

It then moves to more specific topics such as:
• Hardware description
• Common desktop issues and ways to handle them
• Maintenance in the field
• Software configuration and common maintenance
• Troubleshooting tips

Network basics are covered and illustrated through practical exercises.

This is followed by a hands-on exercise on how to understand, correctly set up, manage and monitor a QC chain, Participants will become familiar with potential problems and fixes that are commonly used in a field environment.

In the same manner, how to understand, setup, manage and monitor a field network system is studied.

This course ends with field-oriented programming exercise including the handling and manipulating of text files and scripting.

Learning Objectives

• Understand the terminology used in an IT environment, and when communicating with IT experts.
• Know how to solve common IT issues, understand, classify and locate the issue, and initiate recovery.
• Capable of describing IT terms and concepts in systems, network, hardware, and software used by the IT Land team and on crew programs with common tasks on text files
• Be able to face troubleshooting with a positive attitude


5 days

Number of Participants




Software Used

Linux, PERL, Windows

Course Format

Presentations, exercises, group, projects, demo

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