Finance for Non-Financial Managers


Non-financial managers and functional experts who want to develop their knowledge of financial practices to complement their existing professional or technical skills.


More than ever before, today’s managers are required to understand and speak the language of finance and accounting in order to achieve their goals, objectives and bottom-line results. In this non-technical, real-world-oriented training, you’ll gain the finance and accounting savvy you need to plan budgets, justify requests, spot problems before they get out of hand and much more. You’ll learn the practical financial concepts and skills that will help you make better management decisions.

Learning Objectives

• How to focus quickly on the figures that matter most in reports, budgets and balance sheets
• How to avoid problems and recognize opportunities that can affect the bottom line of your organization
• How to use basic financial tools to measure results and plan for growth
• How to present reports and plans in sound financial terms for greater impact and acceptance at all levels of management
• How to gain confidence and increase your comfort level in working with financial facts and figures
• How to save money, time and frustration by learning the standard practices, language and fundamentals of finance and accounting
• How to use the numbers to gain perspective for strategic planning and decision making
• How basic skills in finance positively affect all parts of your job


3 days

Number of Participants




Software Used


Course Format

Lectures, exercises, group work, casestudies, e-learning

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