Basic Onboard Processing


Onboard geophysicists with some initial experience in seismic processing.


This course begins with a module on seismic processing fundamentals.

Following this the different QC checks required before starting a survey, during line acquisition and after the end of each shooting sequence are presented. These steps are investigated and examples of data quality and problems are discussed.

Continuing on there is an overview of the different applications making up the infrastructure of the processing software which includes:

• Project overview and setting up
• Production and data management applications
• Job deck building applications
• Interactive applications

This course concludes with an overview of batch processes, job monitoring and quality control steps, plus SEGY output and management of datasets.

Learning Objectives

• Knowledge of the processing fundamentals (concepts and applications)
• Understand the structure of the processing package and efficiently use the tools required for onboard processing
• Develop a working knowledge of how to process data i.e. build and run job decks and monitor a processing sequence
• Analyze the quality control outputs of the various steps of a processing sequence


20 days

Number of Participants



A background of geophysics, physics, mathematics.

Software Used


Course Format

Presentations, workshops, group work, exercises

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