Interpersonal Communication


Employees who need to understand the key basics of communication and want to improve their relationships at work.


This course provides participants with the fundamentals of communication necessary to become an effective contributor to the organization and the team. Additionally, participants learn how to improve their interpersonal relationships over time.

Through interactive activities and discussions, participants gain awareness of their communication styles and learn strategies to resolve conflict and communicate effectively with others. Participants learn skills to listen effectively and maintain relationships through inspiring trust and giving and receiving feedback.

Throughout the course participants get peer and faculty feedback and an opportunity to network.

Learning Objectives

• Determine your communication style
• Know how to effectively handle emotionally charged situations
• Know how to say “No” and set limits
• Understand the role of inferences in our actions and reactions
• Identify barriers to communication and strategies to overcome them.
• Listen effectively to ensure you have received messages as intended
• Use nonverbal communication to express interest and demonstrate that you are actively engaged in conversations
• Develop strategies for building and maintaining relationships


2 days

Number of Participants




Software Used


Course Format

Classroom, exercises, role play,on-the-job

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