Impact of Equipment on Seismic Performance


Non-geophysicists working for companies related to the seismic industry.


This course looks at the relationship between equipment, survey design, acquisition operations and final seismic imaging. It begins with a review of the basics of survey design and seismic operations.

This is followed by an overview of the following topics:
• Hydrocarbons, their deposition and reservoir properties
• Positioning in seismic operations
• Operational considerations for a land or marine survey
• The impact of equipment on data quality
• Productivity
• 4D seismic

This is followed by a discussion of the challenges faced to deliver a better seismic image. Equipment versus recording needs is covered in detail, together with the environmental constraints that affect the equipment selection in different topographies.

The course concludes by examining the advances in high-density acquisition, broadband solutions and their principles, field implementation, and quality control.

Learning Objectives

• Understand the impact on data quality of seismic operations, field constraints, recording, positioning, and processing
• Understand current trends in the seismic industry; high-productivity acquisition techniques, wide-azimuth / dense acquisition, broadband solutions
• Understand the impact of equipment on quality control


2 days

Number of Participants



Basic knowledge of seismic principles

Software Used


Course Format

Presentations, classroom, exercises

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