High Impact Presentation & Public Speaking


This course is recommended for anyone who needs to develop their presentation skills, speak in front of groups or sell ideas to others.


The experience in this presentation skills training course will provide you with the skills to communicate effectively and persuasively as well as become comfortable with your own style. You will have multiple opportunities to present in front of the class and will be videotaped and evaluated. You will receive expert coaching at the end of each presentation.

The course size is kept small to ensure a supportive environment to allow for maximum engagement and learning. After taking this course, you will be able to notice gains in effectively communicating your ideas with conviction, control and poise as well as and enhancing your personal and corporate image.

Learning Objectives

• Polish your presentation style - eye contact, gestures, voice, posture, facial expressions, emotions
• How to structure your presentation - define an effective objective, structuring your presentation around the benefits for the audience
• Organize the content to be logical and convincing
• How to deal with unexpected situations or questions
• Master Powerpoint and visuals
• Highlight the audience needs while delivering a presentation


2 days

Number of Participants




Software Used


Course Format

Classroom, exercises, role-play

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