IE-220 Solving Interpretation Problems with InsightEarth


Geoscientists familiar with seismic interpretation and new to InsightEarth.


This course is the combination of the TS-100, TS-200, and TS-300 courses. Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to apply the tools available within InsightEarth to:

Understand the advantages of using InsightEarth’s 3D interpretation technology Efficiently navigate the intuitive user interface within InsightEarth Easily import and export files from/to InsightEarth Effectively accomplish interpretation goals using the workflow guide Rapidly construct 3D structural models of salt bodies, faults and horizons in seismic volumes Efficiently apply InsightEarth technology including Surface Wrapping, Automated Fault Extraction, Autotracking using multiple stopping conditions and domain transformation Accurately Q/C and refine structural interpretations Apply domain transformation concepts to more rapidly recognize depositional features Efficiently convert a time/depth domain volume to the stratal domain Rapidly create a 3D volume of depositional surfaces Realistically image, interpret and analyze stratigraphic features in the stratal domain Convert stratal domain interpretation back to the time/depth domain

Learning Objectives

This course is intended to provide geoscientists with an advanced understanding of the benefits of InsightEarth's 3D interpretation technology, and the skills necessary to apply InsightEarth in a structured workflow to interpret structure and stratigraphy in a 3D seismic volume.



Number of Participants


Geosciences background recommended but not required.

Software Used

InsightEarth Ignition®InsightEarth FaultFractureSpark®InsightEarth SaltSpark®InsightEarth PaleoSpark®

Course Format

Instructor-led - Discussion / Demonstration / Hands-on lab

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