HR-380 ProAZ Azimuthal Attributes Workshop


Geophysicists, geologists, engineers and technical staff who want to understand the theory and learn how to apply these increasingly critical techniques.


Topics Include:

- Introduction: Basic seismic wave principles, anisotropy, the relationship between fractures and anisotropy, observing anisotropy in prestack seismic data, Common Offset / Common Azimuth (COCA) Gathers.

- AVAZ Theory and Modeling and:
- AVAZ Analysis: AVAZ attribute volume generation and considerations, processing concerns, interpretation of - - AVAZ measurements and examples from published case studies.
- VVAZ Theory and Analysis: Azimuthal NMO and RMS velocities, azimuthal NMO corrections, inverting for interval properties using the generalized Dix equation, and examples from published case studies.

Learning Objectives

- Explains the Rock Physics framework linking fractures and anisotropy for the study of the Amplitude versus Azimuth (AVAZ) and Velocity versus Azimuth (VVAZ).
- Provides a comprehensive look at the theory and application of the AVAZ method.
- Emphasizes practical AVAZ and VVAZ examples from a number of regions around North America.
- Explains both the advantages and potential pitfalls of the AVAZ method.



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