EM-100 Introduction to EarthModel® FT


New EarthModel FT users that need to construct 3D models and properties.


This introductory EarthModel FT course includes background information and specific examples to help you learn the philosophy and functions of the software. EarthModel FT is a powerful, flexible, and fully integrated geological reservoir modeling and visualization software package.

EarthModel FT has tools to perform the following tasks:

Basic user interface introduction Structural modeling including building the fault framework Building the 3D grid mesh Lithology and facies interpretation Deterministic and stochastic modeling, including Sequential Indicator Simulation and Sequential Gaussian Simulation

Learning Objectives

Understand how to load and quality control the data
Build complex structural and 3D model grids
Use or processes and assistants to rapidly build a model
How to do property modeling for use in volume computations



Number of Participants


Basic knowledge about geologic modeling

Software Used

EarthModel FT

Course Format


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