EM-110 Introduction to Low Frequency Modeling using EarthModel® FT


New EarthModel FT users that need to construct 3D grids to do inversions in Jason.


This course teaches Jason Workbench users how to build solid models and solid model properties that can be used for low frequency modeling in Jason. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to create finely tuned solid models that accurately represent the geologic structure of the reservoir of interest, including clean and orderly truncations of faults and horizons. EarthModel FT breadth and basic components:

Loading and viewing input data - data organization Introduction to building complex structural models, make corner point grids Velocity data preparation, conditioning and interpolating velocities Transforming interval velocities to a low frequency P-Impedance model Merging low-frequency P-Impedance model with the broadband P-Impedance model

Learning Objectives

Understand how to load and quality control the data
Build complex structural and 3D model grids
Using 3D grids in low-frequency models



Number of Participants


Basic knowledge about geologic modeling and inversion Jason 101

Software Used

EarthModel FT and Jason Workbench (Jason)

Course Format


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