PL-220 PowerLog®: Rock Physics Module (RPM) Training


This course is intended for advanced PowerLog users who want to effectively use the Rock Physics Module.


Rock Physics Module is a calculation engine for computing rock physics models. It works in conjunction with PowerLog, using log curves from a PowerLog well as input and generating output curves that are written back to the PowerLog project.  Conventional petrophysics vs. seismic petrophysics.

Building a simple Rock Physics Module workflow, checking the Rock Physics Module results in PowerLog Using predefined workflows to calculate bulk density, compressional velocity, shear velocity, fluid properties, and Gassmann fluid substitution Integrating petrophysics and rock physics Calculating a workflow for multiple wells and zones the display and printing workflows

Learning Objectives

Learn how a rock physics model can help integrate petrophysical data and seismic data to arrive at a consistent inversion and accurate rock property volumes.



Number of Participants


PL-200 PowerLog: Advanced Training,or extensive experience using PowerLog

Software Used

PowerLog Rock Physics Module

Course Format


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