Basic Depth Imaging Workflow


Geophysicist requiring entry level knowledge on the depth imaging methodology.


This course begins with an important question – Why do we migrate. The theoretical fundamentals of imaging are reviewed with the emphasis placed on a practical understanding of migration. A comparison between Pre-Stack Time Migration (PSTM) and Pre-Stack Depth Migration (PSDM) is made and their main differences are discussed. Participants work through the workflow to process a dataset through a depth imaging sequence and learn how to build, modify and quality control (QC) velocity models, run and QC tomographic updates of these models and run Kirchhoff pre-stack migrations. The program is designed for a marine dataset but can be tailored to a land dataset on request.

The main topics covered include:

• Reflection, transmission and refraction and introduction to PSDM.
• Geometry definition and setting up the velocity zone
• Water bottom horizon picking on PSDM data using an interpretation toolbox
• Building an initial velocity model using well data
• Travel times computation and Kirchhoff migration
• Time to depth conversion
• Anisotropy concepts review
• Well calibration and delta computation
• VTI anisotropic model building and Kirchhoff migration
• Automatic RMO picking on CIG and quality factor
• Multi-layer non-linear tomographic inversion, the sediment velocity model update and QC

Learning Objectives

• List the different steps of depth imaging processing
• List the main elements needed to build a velocity depth model
• Build an initial velocity model using well data and an interpretation workstation
• Understand the key components of the tomographic inversion sequence
• Competently explain the anisotropy concept
• Capable of generating and updating an anisotropic model using tomographic sequence
• Be able to carry out a STI PSDM


5 days

Number of Participants



Trainees should have background in time processing, and be familiar with the software used

Software Used


Course Format

Classroom presentations and exercises

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